Natasha’s Eco Deco Philosophy 

How you live and work can reflect directly on your personality; time and money aside, it can also indicate how much you appreciate yourself. If you are open to a good change that breeds positive emotions and allows you to breathe freely, easily in your place of home-work, where you matter most, then all you will need is an open mind and a desire to live better and smarter in your environment. Start your passion project: take care of yourself, with my design help.

Natasha’s Eco Deco Origins

My first memory of interior styling dates from March 1995, where I was in New Delhi between travels to other Indian cities. Staying with relatives whose house was largely two main rooms, excluding bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen, I noticed the furniture adorning this central living space was not doing justice to the potential for increased beauty and functionality. Late one evening, I began to reposition everything I could: dining table, multiple types of chairs, television, daybed, artworks, sofas, side tables, and more, until I felt each piece was in its rightful place. I do not know how much time had lapsed, but finally, the goals I did not know I had felt reached. Not only did the house look and feel optimally better—and the household pleasantly surprised, but the home with its unused square footage was now being utilized. 

Since that delightful experience 25 years ago, my hobby turned passion for redecorating private spaces evolved into a business idea turned obsession for configurations and constraints in spring 2005, while interviewing in New York. 

Natasha’s Eco Deco Inspiration

A good room, irrespective of its geometries, should encourage communication and cocooning, while exuding warmth and comfort, ultimately enhancing your sense of pride and security. Although redecoration can be a daunting task, I am a design enthusiast, ultra pragmatic, a clutter buster with a strong sense of space and utility. It is my belief that there is always room for improvement, slight or significant, no matter your decorating taste or preference.

My personal design style is Indo-European eclecticism: I love mixing colours, shapes, textures, fabrics, patterns, furniture, furnishings, lighting and, of course, artworks. I have an innate talent to see things in a better, improved way that can enhance state of mind, whether as interior stylist, home stager or art advisor. I also have a proven track record connecting with people from all ages and backgrounds and am thankful to be able to work in French, Italian and English.