Relooking Your
World for Wellbeing

How Natasha Can Help You

If you desire a living space that is truly a refuge from the craziness of the world outside, then you ought to set a goal to face these turbulent times. By effecting positive and tangible change where indeed we can—our home-work—you are embracing your personal responsibility to enhance the quality of your life. Let us begin, together; let us begin, right now.

Throughout our design intervention, I aim to satisfy your personal tastes and needs in your home-work and work devotedly to raise your current lifestyle by transforming spaces into a livable, dynamic and manageable place for contemporary living. In this way, as I update the appearance of your outer life my other aim is to encourage a rediscovery of your interior self.

My pragmatic approach to interior styling incorporates Eco-nomical Deco-rating or Eco Deco, my unique sustainable design concept I have called my own since 2005, where I use existing furniture and accessories without throwing away or buying new to give you a new home-work in just one day.

Achieved through my creative vision, cultivated sense of quality and transparent and collaborative work ethic, my valued clients can be provided a flowing home-work decoration that energizes and surprises, quickly and effectively, with style and elegance. Your sanctuary, thoughtfully designed, where you can henceforth live enjoyably better within your means™. 

This is the Natasha ARORA Eco Deco hallmark. Useful expert services on offer as:

  • Interior Stylist
  • Art Advisor
  • Home Stager
  • Colour Therapist
  • Decor Shopper

Questions To Ask Yourself

Does the architectural configuration of your living space imply a spatial flow that is cohesive when you move from room to room? Does the space you inhabit not only reflect but also respect your social and marital status, profession and, above all, the person you have grown to become? Do the colour schemes, lighting features, furniture, accessories, and artworks exhibit what it is you want them to reflect—and do they do it well?

If not, then truly it is time to choose right now, rather than later, to fix the wrong in your life. Aspire to a sort of instant gratification, the Eco Deco way.